How it works

Field workers capture data offline and upload to a server when there is an internet connection. The data can then be viewed and analyzed centrally.

Create Form

A user creates a questionnaire using a form builder and gives access to field agents.

Collect Data

Field agents access the questionnaire on their mobile device and start collecting data

Analyze & Share Data

Data is uploaded to Tattara server for viewing and analysis


Large organizations, government agencies, media houses and non-profit organizations now have a means of collecting data from the public or targeted group in a way that makes the data easy to analyze.

Form Builder

Forms can be created by using the in-built drag and drop form builder or by uploading XLSForm. Learn more about XLSForm here.

Data Visualization

Data can be viewed in tables, charts, maps and galleries with support for data filtering.

Team Collaboration

Access to forms and submitted data can be shared with team members.                 

Data Analytics

Visualization dashboards can be created for data analytics. Multiple visualization components are supported.    

Data Security

Tattara provides data security at rest and in transit. Data is encrypted in storage and during data transfer.

Data Import and Export

Data can be imported or exported in different formats. Some supported formats include Excel, CSV, ZIP and JSON.

Advanced Data Filter

Tattara allows a user to view tailored search results by supporting multiple filter criteria.

Multimedia Data Capture Support

Apart from the usual text, date and number data formats, Tattara supports picture, audio, video, GPS coordinate, Signature and Bar code data capture.               

Image Gallery Integration

Images captured in forms can be viewed in a picture gallery.

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Public Forms 10
Private Forms 10
Projects 5
Storage 200 MB
Records 1000
Users 2

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#5,000 /mon

Public Forms 20
Private Forms 20
Projects 10
Storage 1 GB
Records 5000
Users 10

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#20,000 /mon

Public Forms 100
Private Forms 100
Projects 100
Storage 3 GB
Records 20000
Users 50

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#50,000 /mon

Unlimited Public Forms
Unlimited Private Forms
Unlimited Projects
Storage 7 GB
Records 50000
Users 300

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Frequently asked questions

Drop us an email if you can not find an answer to your question.

How do I create questions on my form?
You can use our simple drag and drop Form Builder to create your questions or upload an XLSForm. Learn more about XLSForm here
Can people view my forms/apps?
No they can’t. When creating a form/app, you can choose to make it private or public. Private forms/apps are only available to you and the members of your team whom you have granted access.
What are the data types supported by Tattara?
Tattara supports a number of data types which includes but are not limited to Number, Text, Date, GPS coordinate, Bar code, Signature, Photo, Audio, Video etc.
Can I use Tattara on my mobile device?
Tattara currently works as a mobile app on mobile devices using Android operating system; we hope to support other operating systems soon.
Can I use Tattara for free?
Yes, you can. Kindly register here
Can I use Tattara if I don’t have an Android phone?
Yes, you can. Tattara works on modern web browsers either on a computer or a mobile device.
If I lose my phone is my data also lost?
No, your data is not lost it is securely stored on Tattara servers. You can easily access your data on the web or with another phone.
Can I increase the number of users on my forms/apps?
Yes, you can. You pay for the plan that suits your need..

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