About Tattara

Collect and share your data all in one place.

Your data in the cloud for free

With Tattara mobile app, individuals and small businesses can save data they don't want to loose or data they want to easily access anytime, anywhere.

Share data with others with ease

Small businesses and large organizations can engage and share information with customers or prospective clients on their mobile phones.

Collect and share organization data

Organizations, government agencies, media houses and non profit organizations can collect relevant data from the public or targeted audience with Tattara mobile app.

Enterprise data collection with your team

Organizations who engage in data collection activities from time to time can create survey apps that can be shared with specific users. Submitted data can be viewed in real time.

Tattara Mobile

Access your data and engage your target audience on the go.

  • Capture photo, audio, video, GPS coordinate, text etc
  • Bookmark your favourite apps for easy access
  • Share apps with friends, family, clients and potential customers
  • Capture data with your team and view in one place
  • View data with GPS coordinates on a map
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  • Tattara Mobile
  • Tattara Web

    Delight your audience with charts, maps and analysis while you tell your story.

    • Author your apps and share with team members or target audience
    • View all data uploaded to your app in real time
    • Invite team members to collaborate on data collection
    • Control what team members have access to
    • Visualize data in charts and map
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  • Tattara Web
  • Tattara Support

    Take advantage of our free support. We have various support channels.

    • Online knowledge base
    • 24 hours email support through our support desk system
    • Online chat support
    • WhatsApp support
    Tattara Support
  • Tattara Support
    • Some FAQs

      You can use our simple drag and drop AppBuilder to create your app or upload an XLSForm. Learn more about XLSForm here.

      No. When creating an app, you can choose to make it private or public. Private apps are only available to you and the members of your team whom you have granted access.

      Tattata supports several data formats which include but not limited to Number, Text, Date, GPS coordinate, Photo, Audio, Video etc.

      Tattara works on mobile phones as a mobile app (available only on Android at this time) and on modern web browsers (desktop and mobile).


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